Welcome to the Lawson State Community College Online Change of Major Request Form.

Please make sure that you check with the Student Financial Services office before proceeding to change a major. Such major changes may affect Scholarships.

NOTE: Special Health Professions programs such as RN, PN, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) require prior approval from the department, program application and pre-requisites. Students interested in the RN or PN programs should change their majors to AS-NSG; Diagnostic Medical Sonography students should change their major to AS-PDS to get pre-requisites and await approval into the program.


******Please Read Carefully before Proceeding*******

Please make sure that you check with the Student Financial Services office before changing majors.  Such major changes may affect Scholarships as well as outside aid.   

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Note: Answer YES if submitted an Application for Graduation form is currently pending for current term.
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Note: Selecting to change your major automatically changes your award type. Only select Award type is major will not change.

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Major changes may result in updated catalog curriculum catalog at time of change.
If your planning to transfer, select the degree option of AA(Liberal Arts area) or AS (General Studies/Sciences area). Most health programs majors are listed as concentrations under General Sciences.


Remember that we have several program to select a major.  Career Tech, Business, Transportation, Health Professions & College Transfer majors.  All Health Professions programs such as (RN, LPN, DMS, DAT) and Specialty Transportation programs (GM, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes) require Departmental approval. 

Term in which change should apply*
Note that changing your major during term may affect your scholarship or pell grant. *Only Select AOT degree option after satisfying requirements for Certificates
Specialty programs requiire prior approval to change to those majors (RN, LPN, DMS, DAT, GM, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes)
Choose the Award type from below:*
Note: All Transfer programs are Associate Degrees


By submitting this form, I understand that change of majors for students on Academic and/or CTE scholarships may cause me to lose my scholarship.    Check with Student Financial Services before submitting Major Changes.

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Health Profession Approval

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